BEST Nokia Themes PACKS


BEST Nokia Themes PACKS

BEST Nokia Themes PACKS

1.NSeries N95 Themes Opensigned Capable

2.Original N82 Themes-Opesigned

3.Nokia N73ME Original Themes

4.Blue_Ray™ Themes

5.Turn Ur Nokia Mobile to Windows 7 Desktop(nokia Theams)


BEST Nokia Themes PACKS
BEST Nokia Themes PACKS
BEST Nokia Themes PACKS
BEST Nokia Themes PACKS
BEST Nokia Themes PACKS
BEST Nokia Themes PACKS


Animated Wallpaper for mobile N0-11(November 2010)


New Animated Wallpaper for mobile Part10 (November 2010)New Animated Wallpaper for mobile N0-11(November 2010)

18 GIF| 240x320 | 10.2 Mb | FS

Download: Animated Wallpaper for mobile (November 2010).rar

Sms Bomber Pakistan


Sms Bomber
Send unlimited sms
with just 1 click
With anny internet connection.


Sms Bomber 100% Working Click here

Ringtones Comedy


Ringtones Comedy

Format: mp3 | 128 Kbps | 10.1 Mb | Quantity: 18


1. It's not clear
2. Lukoil
3. The Moscow militia
4. Capital
5. Talk to the father
6. Call me
7. A verse
8. All will be
9. Who is it?
10. A song
11. Argonauts
12. Grivna
13. Scrapes
14. Bako
15. A fly
16. No-no
17. Garik
18. Prompt








EXErrorsFix v2.7


EXErrorsFix v2.7

EXErrorsFix v2.7 | 1.4 Mb

EXErrorsFix is your complete one-stop resource for EXE errors related information and solutions.

Exe Errors Free Scan
Free scan & diagnosis your EXE errors.

User Related Errors
Scan and repair your user related errors.

EXE Error Fix and Repair
Fix EXE errors like lsass.exe and svchost.exe.

Other Related Errors
Scan and repair your other related errors.



SoftOnPc Universal Maps Downloader 6.3

SoftOnPc Universal Maps Downloader 6.3

SoftOnPc Universal Maps Downloader 6.3 | 1.38 MB

Universal Maps Downloader is a tool that help you to get small tile images from google maps, yahoo maps or microsoft maps. All downloaded small images are saved on the disk. You can view downloaded maps by Maps Viewer Or you can combine them into a big BMP map by Maps Combiner.

Home Page -


Foxit Phantom v2.2.1.1103 (x86/x64)-ZWT


Foxit Phantom v2.2.1.1103 (x86/x64)-ZWT

Foxit Phantom v2.2.1.1103 (x86/x64)-ZWT| 18 & 19 Mb

Foxit Phantom - a new program for viewing, editing and creating PDF documents. The program will be an excellent replacement for the famous monster of Adobe Reader. The main advantages of the program developers point to its small size, low start-up times and faster creation of PDF-documents. With the program you can also merge and split PDF documents, delete and insert new pages, create electronic forms and notes, and much, much more. The program allows you to convert almost all documents, which can be printed to PDF, including files of DOC, PPT, TXT, HTML and many others. Also, you can create PDF documents directly from a scanner, allowing no extra effort to create electronic versions of paper documents.

"The more rapid creation of PDF document in comparison with other PDF tools
"The small size distribution and rapid speed run
"Creating PDF files from any file, suitable for printing
"Creating a PDF document directly from a scanner
"Editing and modifying the contents of PDF files
"Comparing two PDF files for the differences between them
"Add, delete or merge pages from multiple PDF files
"Creating and filling out electronic forms
"Protection of PDF documents password and certificates
"Adding digital signatures to PDF documents


Download: N.B: Scene release by ZWT

Sonne DVD Burner v4.3.0.2130-LAXiTY


Sonne DVD Burner v4.3.0.2130-LAXiTY

Sonne DVD Burner v4.3.0.2130-LAXiTY | 53 Mb

Sonne DVD Burner is an almighty DVD burner designed to meet all your needs in burning video, ISO Image file and VIDEO_TS to DVD disc and burning all files to data disc; creating DVD from other video files. For the more, it can capture videos to burn or create to DVD.

It’s necessary to add an intact capture function to meet users need. Users can easily capture video or image from other devices, DV and TV Tuner. Auto shot, overlay, audio settings volume and balance can be adjusted by easy-to-use buttons…

Sonne DVD Burner / Key Function
Create a DVD disc with DVD menu.
Capture video or image from other devices like USB webcams, TV tuner and DV in real time.
Snapshot pictures with hotkeys.
Set properties for each capture device.
Burn data to disc.
Burn DVD (VIDEO_TS) folders to DVD disc.
Burn video files to DVD disc without menu.
Show information about recorder.

Sonne DVD Burner / How to Create DVD
Sonne DVD Burner can let you directly create DVD from other video files.
Step 1: Define the desired DVD mode as pagination menu or chapters menu.
Step 2: Define a template for your DVD from the template list.
Step 3: Input your desired video files.
Step 4: Click “Create” button, a dialog will pop up. You can define the DVD Output Path as your like. Start the process with “Start” button.
Step 5: Click “Burn” button to burn the newly created DVD-folder or others, relative settings interface will pop up.
Step 6: Click “Start” to start burning.

Sonne DVD Burner / System Requirements
Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista
Processor: PentiumIII(500Hz) or above
RAM: 256M or above
DVD writer
Available Disk Space: 2GB Free Space or above
Sound: Windows compatible sound card



Foxit PDF Editor 2.2.1 Build 1102

Foxit PDF Editor 2.2.1 Build 1102

Foxit PDF Editor 2.2.1 Build 1102 | 5 Mb

Foxit PDF Editor is a tool for modifying page contents in Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. Unlike other so-called "PDF Editors", which are designed only to work with "Notes" and limited page contents, Foxit PDF Editor allows you to modify any kind of page contents within any existing PDF documents, then save back to same or new PDF documents. You can't find such an easy to use, efficient and affordable PDF editing solution anywhere else in the world!

Foxit PDF Editor Features:
- Open existing PDF document for editing, or create brand new PDF documents;
- Display PDF document in full details, with quality almost matching Adobe(R) Reader.
- Zoom in and zoom out page display;
- Fast and reliable WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing;
- Insert new pages, delete pages completely;
- Insert new text objects, using embedded or non-embedded fonts;
- Insert lines, and other simple graphic shapes;
- Insert images from bitmap files;
- Delete any type of object from the page;
- Change font, font size, color and other text attributes for text objects;
- Change line width, fill type, color, and other graphic attributes for graph objects;
- Transform any type of objects, including rotation, shearing, scaling, and moving;
- You can make single or multiple selections of page objects, so you can change or delete them by group;
- Undo any type of editing (insert, delete, or change) you have done;
- Copy and paste any type of objects, single or group, from or to any PDF page, within the same document, or between different PDF documents;
- Copy and paste pure text from or to any other Windows applications;
- Copy and paste image from or to any other Windows applications;
- Save modified document into the same PDF file, or another new PDF file.



Dekart SIM Manager 2.10

Dekart SIM Manager 2.10

Now you can manage GSM, 3G, and Nextel SIM cards as well as read and recover SMS messages!

Don’t spend your valuable time handling contacts using a phone’s cumbersome keypad and small display; use your computer and SIM Manager instead.

SIM Manager is an advanced SIM card management tool, which provides an easy way to organize the address-book of a SIM card, as well as process other data stored on the SIM, such as the SMS archive, the list of fixed dialing numbers, last dialed numbers, etc.

SIM Manager allows you to administrate the security codes of a SIM or USIM, by enabling or disabling PIN codes, changing them, or unblocking a blocked SIM card.

With SIM Manager you can backup your SIM cards, and use them if a card was lost or stolen, or when you need to copy the contents of a SIM card needs to another card.

main-edit.png (67 KB) settings.png (16 KB) sim-card-backup.png (64 KB) sim-card-properties.png (70 KB)

SIM card manager is fully compatible with Nextel and 3G SIM cards, while preserving the compatibility with older GSM cards. This makes it possible to synchronize the contents of different SIM cards when you switch from one mobile network to another.

Synchronization is further extended by SIM Manager’s ability to export the contacts of a SIM to a CSV file, which can be loaded by a mail-client, or a PIM application. Now you can synchronize your Outlook address-book with the phonebook of your SIM, merge the contacts of your phone and PDA, etc.

SIM Manager is a Unicode application, meaning that it can correctly process names and texts that contain characters other than the ones in the Latin alphabet, regardless of the current regional settings of Windows. It makes this GSM, 3G and Nextel SIM card editor suitable for enterprises that have offices in different geographical locations, as traveling from one cultural area to another is now less of a problem.

SIM Manager works directly with the SIM card, using a PC/SC-compliant smart card reader. The program does not require a phone; therefore it is a fact that the solution still works after the phone is upgraded, or when a switch to a different mobile operator is made. There is no need to purchase a special data-cable for your phone either. All of the above-mentioned makes SIM Manager a great one-time investment. 

  • Synchronize contacts between phones within an enterprise, regardless of which carrier different persons use, or which phone brand or model they prefer;
  • Synchronize the contacts of the SIM card with the contacts stored in the address book of an email client (ex: Outlook, Lotus Notes, Eudora) or a desktop PIM application (ex: Palm Desktop), this is achieved by exporting / importing the data using CSV files;
  • Backup a SIM card in order to easily restore the data if the card is lost, or if you simply need a copy of the card's contents;
  • Multiply a SIM card – SIM Manager's efficient batch processing capabilities enable you to copy the contents of a SIM to one or more cards without any manual labour. This makes it exceptionally easy to prepare a set of SIM cards with some predefined data;
  • Recover deleted SMS – SIM Manager enables you to recover text messages that were deleted from the SIM. To find out more about SMS recovery and learn which deleted SMS can be recovered, which ones cannot, read SMS recovery guide;
  • Get in control of your phonecalls and phonebill by enabling the fixed dialling list and restricting the numbers to which outgoing calls can be made;
  • PLMN and FPLMN management enables you to control which mobile networks your phone will connect to, and which ones will be ignored. This is especially important if you use roaming services when traveling;
  • Update multiple address book entries at once, by adding or removing a phone prefix when traveling from one country to another;
  • Print out reports that contain the address book entries, and other information that is stored on the SIM;
  • Enable and modify the security code PIN1 as well as unblock the SIM;
  • Obtain detailed information about the SIM card, such as the IMSI, ICCID, the ATR, the name of the mobile operator, etc;
  • SIM card manager is a Unicode application, meaning that it can correctly process names and texts that contain characters other than the ones in the Latin alphabet, regardless of the current regional settings of Windows;
  • Compatible with GSM, all 3G SIM cards worldwide, and Nextel SIM cards: Dekart SIM Manager works with any Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) in GSM, Nextel SIM card in Nextel, Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) in UMTS, or Removable User Identity Module (RUIM) in CDMA, regardless of network.
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • PC/SC smart card reader
  • SIM cards: GSM, 3G, R-UIM CDMA and Nextel
more info @

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Nokia Ovi Suite

Nokia Ovi Suite

Nokia Ovi Suite is the next generation computer software that will replace Nokia PC Suite.

Nokia Ovi Suite connects your computer, phone, and online services. Use Nokia Ovi Suite to sync your phone content, share your photos and videos, download free maps to your phone, and more. Both Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Ovi Suite can be installed on the same computer, however they should not be used simultaneously. Note that latest Nokia phones are supported only by Nokia Ovi Suite.

Nokia Ovi Suite software gives you easy access to the contents of your Nokia phone. Nokia Ovi Suite will eventually replace Nokia PC Suite and its variants, like Nokia Ovi Suite 1.x, and integrate the main features from Nokia Photos, Nokia Software Updater and Nokia Map loader.

  • Synchronise and back up your information
  • Copy files to and from your phone
  • Organise your contacts
  • Manage your photos and videos and create albums
  • Manage your text messages
  • Get new maps for your phone
  • Make the most of your audio with Nokia Ovi Suite
  • Download and install new software and applications
  • Share online with Ovi
  • Connect your computer to the web with Nokia Ovi Suite
more info @

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Ninja Surfing Hide IP

Ninja Surfing Hide IP

With Ninja Surfing Hide IP you can hide your real IP address when browsing the Internet.

Ninja Surfing Hide IP hides the unique address your computer communicates as you surf the internet, keeping your privacy as you browse.

The tool is very easy to use and provides you with comfort of mind whilst doing online banking and purchasing and contributing to forums.

Download through Rapidshare, DepositFiles or HotFile
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TingleSoft Desktop Recorder 1.6.245



TingleSoft Desktop Recorder is your ideal product to record your desktop activities and the sound from microphone, and combine them into a video file.

- It can also record the DirectShow/DirectX technology applications, like the video playback inside Windows Media Player or some games!
- It is useful for your demonstrations, help documentation, customer support and training material etc.
- With it, you can select the full screen or any area of your screen to record; or just record the activities of one application window which you are interested in.
- And you can select one of the output video file format from: 3G2, 3GP, AVI, Windows Media Video (WMV), Flash Video (FLV), SWF and MPEG-4 Video (MP4)
+ patch

Download :




[center]Cheetah.DVD.Burner.2.19 | 8.0
Burn Blu-Ray, Dual Layer DVD, DVD and CDs. Burn Audio CDs from MP3, MP2, AVI, WMA, and WAV files. Also create ISO files, burn Bin/Cue files, and Burn Video DVDs. Supports DAO and TAO burning modes for all disc types. The Cheetah DVD Burner is a lite, and fast disc burning program that is easy on the system resources.
- Video DVD Mastering - The Cheetah DVD Burner passes the Video DVD Verifier tests and Mastering Applications like the most known Philips Video DVD Verifier.
- Bootable CD/DVD - Create Bootable CD/DVD from .img files
- Supports high burning speeds - Supports use of high write speeds - Designed for high data rates
- Buffer Underrun Protection - Support for hardware buffer underrun protection systems, like BURNproof, JustLink, Power-Burn, SafeBurn, SeamlessLink etc
- ISO Multi-Session - Burn Multi-Session Data CD/DVD with all types of media.
- Disc Finalization - No further writing is possible after the disc is burned.
- Auto Verify Data - Performs a binary compare with the source files.
- Joliet - Burn Joliet directories with 64 char file names
Project Types:
- UDF Video DVD - Burn a Video DVD from an ISO, Bin/Cue, or Video_TS folder
- DVD+R Dual Layer - Backup your data on 8.5 GB DVD+R discs
- Data DVD - Backup your data on DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RAM
- Data CD - Burn a standard CD or CD-RW
- Audio CD - Creates Red Book compatible audio CDs from mp3, mp2, avi, ogg, wma, and wav files
- Audio CD Ripper - Extract audio from an Audio CD
- Copy a Data CD - Copy a data disc
- Copy an Audio CD - Copy an audio disc
- Burn ISO file - Burn ISO image files
- Bin/Cue file Burner - Burn Bin/Cue image files
- Create ISO file - Builds ISO Images from selected files for burning at a later date
- Convert Audio - Convert audio files from mp3, mp2, avi, ogg, wma, and wav files
- Erase Disc - Erase CD/DVD discs
Changes in Version 2.19:
adds improved Video DVD burning, and some Audio Converter bug fixes.
OS: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista

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Hiren's BootCD PRO 1.8


Hiren's BootCD PRO 1.8

Hiren's BootCD PRO 1.8 | 285.54 Mb

Hiren's BootCD (HBCD) is a set of applications that provides advanced tools for analyzing, recovering and fixing your computer. It is an all-in-one bootable CD solution that contains a load of useful tools you can make use of in a variety of situations.

Hiren's BootCD is a great resource for anyone with computer problems who is having trouble accessing the internet to download programs in an attempt to fix it. It can be useful even if the primary operating system cannot be booted. We may call it as an emergency cd which every computer technician or home user must have. It has a multitude of tools divided into a number of categories like partitioning tools, backup, recovery and BIOS/CMOS tools to name a few. With some simple knowledge about what is contained on the CD, you can use it to repair many problems computer like hard drive failure, virus infections, partitioning, password recovery and data recovery.

If you need to make changes to the partitions on your computer, there are several applications that provides various levels of functionality for accomplishing this goal. You can both create and delete partitions from your computer, even while there are otherpartitions on the hard drive you are modifying. You can also resize partitions if needed, to change how much space is allocated to them.

Backup and Recovery

There are several backup and recovery tools on Hiren's BootCD. Backup tools like GetDataBack, HDD Scan, Partition Find and Mount, PhotoRec, Recuva, Undelete... let you copy data off of your hard drive and schedule automatic backups to ensure your data is saved to another location. You can also recover deleted data, whether that data was deleted intentionally or accidentally. There are also a few tools that will help you recover data from damaged or corrupted portions of your hard drive if you are unable to recover them through other methods.
Testing Tools

Hiren's BootCD provides a variety of tools for testing different aspects of your computer. If you suspect that your RAM is corrupted or that a piece of hardware on your machine is not functioning properly, there are several applications you can run to determine the problems. You can also perform hard drive tests to see whether your hard drive is physically damaged, and get a report on how much longer your hard drive is expected to work.
Password Tools

Password recovery and modification tools are also provided on Hiren's BootCD. You can change the administrator password on Windows machines, and there are utilities for saving passwords for your online accounts in an encrypted format. You can also encrypt your entire hard drive with Hiren's BootCD so that a password is required to read or write any data from or to your hard drive.

DownLoad Hiren's BootCD PRO 1.8
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