Capture NX 2 v2.2.6 (Portable)


Capture NX 2 v2.2.6 (Portable)

Capture NX 2 v2.2.6 Portable | 62.5 MB

Nikon Capture NX - easy to use new generation of software for processing and editing images. Through the use of
technology exclusive U Point, the program includes a set of powerful tools and four fully customizable workspaces with
the ability to save and switch between them to ensure fast and efficient workflow. With simple and intuitive operation
interface, no need to concentrate on working with tone and color, allowing you to develop an image in accordance with the
classical principles of focusing and the allocation of certain interest to the photographer of an image. This program can
be used to manipulate images in JPEG and TIFF any source, it represents the best product for editing Nikon NEF.

Application has a powerful functional and a lot of opportunities. According to the developers of Nikon, photographers can
now spend more time in the process of shooting and less processing. The application allows photographers, regardless of
their experience, to quickly edit all the basic image parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, and
more. Moreover, the operation can be carried out, as over the whole image, and above its individual elements, which
eliminates the photographer from having to use complex selection or masking during processing. One of the main features
of the program Capture NX2 is a unique technology of U Point, which allows operation with the image selectively.

Technology U Point, used in this program provides a discreet, intelligent support, expanding a comprehensive set of tools
for image correction. U-Point technology provides easy selection of interest to the photographer of an image with an
intuitive, easy adjustment of brightness, contrast and saturation, the function of effective suppression of unwanted
red-eye and fine-tune the color balance. Simply click the area you need to edit and adjust the sliders for the
opportunity to instantly see the effect of corrections made.

Key features:
• Technology U-PointTM, provides comfortable selecting areas of interest image
• Tool Auto Retouch Brush, which allows accurate and convenient removal of unwanted items
• Mode Quick Fix, brings together the most frequently used tools in a single window
• Ability to work on two monitors and a fully customizable workspaces
• Tool Selection Control Point, which lets you conveniently to improve the perception of image sharpness
• Enhanced management of images

Redesigned Interface includes:
• Customized Workspaces
• Improved Toolbar function and layout
• Improved Edit List functionality
• Newly designed image browser featuring a Favorites Folder
• Improved Image Resolution adjustments

Changes in this version:
• Support for RAW images captured with the D7000 has been added.
• Support for Nikon Message Center 2 has been added.
• On systems where ViewNX 2 has been installed, Nikon Transfer 2 is now launched when the Launch Nikon Transfer button is
clicked or Launch Nikon Transfer ... is selected from the File menu.
• When Photo Effects ... was selected from the Filter menu, and the Auto button in the Photo Effects palette was clicked
multiple times, the Brightness value sometimes decreased. This issue has been resolved.
• When a RAW image captured with the D3100 using a Nikon Speedlight was saved in NEF format after adjustments under the
Develop section of the Edit List had been applied, and the new NEF image was later opened, the adjustments applied were
reflected in the image, but the adjustments and their values were not properly applied under the Develop section of the
Edit List. This issue has been resolved.
However, even when such images saved with Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.2.5 are opened in Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.2.6, adjustments will
not be properly applied. Adjustments must be reapplied using Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.2.6.

• When images were printed in landscape orientation with some printers, a portion of the images was not printed. This
issue has been resolved.
• With some printers, when Printer ... was selected from the Page Setup dialogue box and the OK button clicked, the
values indicated for margins sometimes changed. This issue has been resolved.
• When arbitrary values were entered for margins in the Page Setup dialogue box and borderless printing was then selected
in the Source, the margin values did not change to "0". This issue has been resolved.
• When Select Picture Size was selected in the Page layout dialogue box, image frame (s) in the preview window switched
to portrait orientation. This issue has been resolved.
• When the insufficient memory message was displayed while running a batch process with multiple images open, image
thumbnails sometimes became completely black. This issue has been resolved.
• When the Notify when completed box in the Processing Queue dialogue box was checked and the Processing Queue dialogue
box closed while running a batch process, the Batch process has finished now. message was displayed several times. This
issue has been resolved.
• An issue that caused computers running Windows 7 to enter sleep mode during batch processing has been resolved.
• When multiple images open in the image window were adjusted using options in the Camera & Lens Corrections palette of
the Edit List, an error message was displayed. This issue has been resolved.
• When Original was selected from the Version menu in the Edit List after editing or saving an image, the processing
indicator rotated continuously and the original image was not displayed. This issue has been resolved.
• An error message was sometimes displayed when attempting to use the Selection Brush with some images. This issue has
been resolved.
• When NRW images captured with the COOLPIX P7000 and a Nikon Speedlight were opened, Capture NX 2 froze. This issue has
been resolved.



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